IVF & Natural Fertility

Michelle endeavours to help you through every part of the childbirth journey, from the moment you decide to start a family, which is the best time to begin preparing your body and mind for this amazing experience, to advice and support after your baby is born.

For over fifteen years Michelle has been providing pre-conception treatments and acupuncture to people wanting to have the healthiest pregnancy they can, as well as to people having difficulty in becoming pregnant and those going through IVF.

Acupuncture is believed to enhance fertility by reducing stress levels (reducing the amount of cortisol released in the body and increasing the levels of feel-good endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine), as well as by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, like the uterus and ovaries, and by helping to balance hormone levels.

Recently, a number of studies have shown that acupuncture, in combination with IVF, may increase your chances of falling pregnant by as much as 65%. You can read more about this here.

Monash IVF promotes the benefits of acupuncture in conjunction with IVF, as well as herbal medicine and dietary changes/nutritional supplements when received from a qualified practitioner – you can read more about this here.

IVF Protocol

It is best if you can begin to have acupuncture treatments 4-6 weeks before you begin an IVF cycle, but you can start acupuncture at any time during the IVF process.

Acupuncture may improve the chances of pregnancy when combined with IVF. It is thought it does this by increasing blood supply to the uterus and ovaries, enhancing the development of healthy follicles and improving implantation of a fertilised ovary into the uterus.