IVF & Natural Fertility


Acupuncture was traditionally thought to improve fertility and has been used widely to provide support for women during pregnancy.

Acupuncture may be able to increase fertility by reducing stress in the body (i.e. reducing levels of cortisol released by the body and increasing levels of positive endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine), and by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs which may help balance hormone levels.

Recently, a number of studies have shown that acupuncture, combined with IVF treatments, may increase your chances of falling pregnant by 65% – you can read more about this here. Monash IVF promotes the benefits of acupuncture treatment in conjunction with IVF, as well as herbal medicine and dietary changes/nutritional supplements from a qualified practitioner – see more details here.

Michelle has had many years experience in providing pre-conception care and acupuncture treatments during pregnancy. Michelle recommends you begin to think about preparing your body for 2-3 months before deciding to become pregnant.

Acupuncture can be used during pregnancy and may help with issues of morning sickness, anxiety, migraines & headaches, sciatic pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, and tiredness.

In the last four weeks of pregnancy, acupuncture treatment may help to prepare your body for labour. It is believed it does this by improving blood flow to the uterus and cervix which may help to strengthen & regulate contractions. For more information about using acupuncture to prepare for labour click here.

IVF Protocol


It is best if you begin having acupuncture treatment 4-6 weeks before you begin an IVF cycle, but you can start having acupuncture at any time during the IVF process.

Acupuncture may improve the chances of pregnancy if used at the same time as IVF treatments. It is thought it does this by increasing blood supply to the uterus and ovaries, enhancing the development of healthy follicles and improving implantation of a fertilised ovary in the uterus.